Ideas for Designing Cool Teenage Bedrooms

Cool Teenage Bedrooms – Now think about what your teen likes and try to see how their bedroom is from their perspective. A teenager has a different view from adults, a bedroom is a place where they take refuge from the world of demands and shackles of rules. While in the bedroom they may feel a freedom.

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There are very few places where teenagers are free to express themselves without feeling awkward and embarrassed, the main choice is the bedroom. For a teenager the world is like a beautiful pearl oyster. Their favorite things are varied and their desires often lead to disharmony.

Okay don’t worry because all ideas can definitely be compromised. The most important thing to remember is that their bedroom represents who they are.

Teenagers are already literate in the latest and most recent designs, it’s just that they are still trapped between their childhood and adulthood.

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Most teenagers have toys that are not ready for them to leave. Of course you remember how hard it was for Andy to leave Woody from the toy story movie. But on the other hand they need a room that is more mature and more sophisticated than their childhood room.

Teens appreciate the approach to their room more as an independent mini apartment where they can spend their time comfortably.

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Regardless of the size, teenage rooms must be flexible to accommodate all activities so that they can spread and complete homework, hang out with friends, relax and sleep, certainly reflecting their personality.

Teenagers value a vibrant and high-energy space, while adults prefer a quiet and unpretentious space. Teenage bedrooms should look great and functional.

Accommodate Many Activities

Think of their room as more than just a room for sleeping. When they begin to explore independence they need a room where they can gather, study and relax with their close friends. And that becomes more important to them than sleep.

Work with your teen to creatively create the following areas in their rooms: sleeping areas, study areas, and relaxing areas with friends.

Give a cool touch to the wall

Adults prefer a quieter space while teenagers expect rooms that have high energy with bold colors.

They prefer bold, imaginative, and creative rooms. Whereas calm is the umpteenth priority. If the space is sufficient, you can add some fun things like black board, chairlift, round bed with cartoon characters, fish tank attached to the wall.

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Unique storage

As we know, teenagers and neat rooms are a rare combination. The messy rooms seemed to be their trademark. Good and practical storage options will be greatly appreciated. Make this storage fun and unique according to their personality.