Inspiring Kitchen Storage Ideas To Save Your Space

Kitchen Storage Ideas To Save Your Space – What is often felt by the owner of a narrow kitchen is the difficulty of organizing all kitchen equipment. Often inadequate storage is used as scapegoats.

What you should realize is that it’s not always true. What needed to do is take the time to evaluate how to store cooking tools and other kitchen furniture properly and efficiently.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas To Save Your Space – Really ensure that every inch of space has been utilized to the maximum. and no space is wasted by storing tools that are not supposed to exist in the kitchen.

It’s a good idea to start using innovative storage solutions that have been tested and recommended by organized experts. This idea includes kitchen features such as cabinets, shelves, kitchen counters, kitchen walls, kitchen sinks. Can be considered a new paint that can give a fresh and spacious impression in the kitchen.

Here are some things that you can make a reference to reorganize your kitchen;

Optimize the pantry

Set by reference the first to enter is the first exit. Always rotate dry goods, cereals, spices and other food ingredients so that the space is not full of expired items.

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Don’t leave any unused space

Never underestimate the small space in order to get maximum results. For example, by adding a slanted drawer to the sink. This is a wise way to store sponges and other small washing equipment that has the potential to take up valuable space.

Use bright colors that will make the kitchen feel more spacious

According to Mr. David Stark, one of the famous designers of New York, “Misty gray has a magical quality that makes the room appear larger than it should be”. If you like you can combine with the white color on the window and trim so that the color of your kitchen becomes more solid.

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Work with your equipment cabinet

Keep the contents inside like a broom, mop, and dusty dustpan so as not to fall apart. Add a wall hanger to keep everything in place.

Make use of vertical space

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When your kitchen space is not too large, drawers and cabinets are so limited, then be smart with your vertical space and ceiling. Pierced corbels are great for hanging large kitchen utensils that clutter your drawers. Wall cabinets with glass doors are a beautiful way to display your servingware and utilize wall space.

Maximizing cabinet closets

Modify your cabinets to fit your kitchen space. Drawers and pull racks allow you to organize your pantry equipment in one convenient location. You can save a lot of space with this.

Think outside the kitchen room

If you have very limited kitchen space, consider utilizing another room. You can move some barware and entertaining pieces into the living room in a display cabinet.

Streamline your design

You can hire a designer or do it yourself. Calculate the size correctly and tolerate as little as possible. Consider its function carefully, the key is space efficiency.