Revolutionary Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design – The latest, fresh and revolutionary small bathroom design ideas below will give a new face to your tiny bathroom.

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We will try to apply a slightly different concept from the classic pattern of a bathroom. Bolder texture and pattern, wall mounted cabinet and sink. Be prepared to break some of the standard design rules and open your mind to the following ideas.

You don’t need a lot of storage in the bathroom

Try a minimalist style, a large cabinet under the sink is really old school and takes up a lot of space which makes the bathroom feel more cramped.

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You may start to get rid of all the unneeded items and make a mess. Leave only the items that are really needed every day, think about this carefully.

Replace your rigid furniture with a floating cabinet and sink, or a narrow open shelf that is only enough to display the necessary items. The bottom of the sink and cabinet mounted on the wall will open the floor more, to give the impression of more loose and spacious.

Instead of adding storage, add something more functional

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After you sort the bathroom needs and replace the large storage with something minimalist, you will get extra space. Think carefully about what you can do with the extra space.

You can add a washing machine there, design a dressing room or just leave it looking wide.

The small bathroom means you can spend a little extra

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Some things that require a big budget in bathroom design are fixtures, tiles, and finishing touches. Because what is done is small bathroom, so the material needed is less, which means less budget.

It’s time to shop extra and make your small bathroom look as luxurious as a million dollar bathroom, for example;
Choose quality accent lighting fixtures.
Add riveting floors and walls.
Add towel warmers that function as towel racks.
Swap your toilet for a floating style.

Upgrade to transparent shower divider wall

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Forget about the bathtub, just use a shower surrounded by a transparent dividing wall. This is the most appropriate way to save space in your small bathroom.

However, if you are not ready to lose the tub and then it can still be used with a transparent dividing wall.

This transparent dividing wall was chosen because although it is more expensive than a shower curtain it will last a long time, and this does not limit your view which makes the room feel more spacious.

Have fun with the texture and pattern on your small bathroom

Most designers will say that dark colors and intricate patterns are not a good idea for small spaces. Okay it’s time to think again about this.

Indeed a strong pattern and texture will add depth and play space, it will create the illusion of size and look more lively.

Put it all on the wall and throw the door

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Alright the key word is float. Wall mounted everything from cabinets, shelves, even toilets. This is a great way to make cleaning easier, when you can access the floor below.

And because our eyes tend to judge space by analyzing the floor area, the space will feel more spacious.

You can also maximize valuable wall space, which is often left blank. And to be honest, it looks so fresh and cool.

A wide mirror along the wall

Mirror does an extraordinary job in creating the illusion of wider space. With a mirror you will look like doubling your narrow bathroom space.

Add more black to your boring colors

The all-white bathroom does feel brighter and lighter according to what the designers said. Adding black to your bathroom, in the form of a black wall or black-and-white tile design or black ceiling will really make your bathroom look more cool and far from boring.